Friday, August 22, 2014

come together...right now

I slept without the sling last night which was glorious while it lasted but I'm paying today. I've even learned how to put it on by myself! It's time for BG to get back out there in the world of job seeking and soul searching now that I'm becoming a bit more independent. She still has to help me with a bath though. I'm gonna miss having my hair washed by somebody every day.

So, it seems that media matters and in fact shapes social discourse on more than just the local level, thanks to Bill Gates and all them. We now know that acres of journalists crawling around the war zone of Ferguson just added fuel to the fire. Professionalism, my ass. Anyone who considers him or herself a speaker of truth will admit that there are no pat answers in that situation and nothing comes of stoking the violent atmosphere. Nothing but more violence, that is. Reading about the beheaded journalist in Syria I passed on yet another chance to watch the "real" video because really? I know how it ends and I'm not into train wrecks or giving ISIS the satisfaction of being a part of their peep show. These folks are gonna' really be surprised when Allah turns on them for that sort of crap. When you showcase like that? No virgins in heaven for you.

It's officially hot as hell and the corn is getting drier by the day. Bubba estimates it will be shelled around my birthday so I hope somebody gives me an economy pack of Benadryl. I am asking my parents for tuition assistance to attend a local economic development class that begins in about a month. Everybody knows how I'm an idea person who can never quite figure out how to put hands and feet on a project so I'm looking forward to the opportunity to learn. There will be a speaker (short) and the rest consists of round table discussions for how to grow business ideas. I have two or three in mind and will hopefully come out with a business model that can be used for any of them.

We think Ryder may be pregnant and for sure she has worms so there's another hit to the wallet. Pretty soon they'll all have them. They're switching between the cool of the dirt and laminate floors during these incredibly hot days. Dog days, as they say. I had not even noticed that the pecan trees in my yard are loaded for the 2nd year in a row until my brother pointed it out this morning. He had taken Daddy to see his bride over at the home and scooped me up for a chicken store run. Pump five is on and ready for a fillup!! That area of town is in stark contrast to the once thriving community that was South Dyersburg. At least the crackhead hotel is gone.

My friend Judy is about the one who ever comments on here and she reminded me yesterday that no matter how bad things are, somebody else has it worse. Her blog friend had just lost her 23 year old daughter unexpectedly. I cannot imagine the pain involved with losing a child.

Keep the faith and carry on ^j^

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