Monday, August 11, 2014

the family plan

Oh boy. Even by my standards this is a mess of epic proportions. As I was getting ready to hit the bed yesterday evening Daddy called frantic that Mom had fallen (again) and to call an ambulance. I know better than to do that without a spot check so BG and I loaded up our tired asses and headed down toward Casa Grands. We found her laid out in the bathroom floor crying in pain and unable to move so 911 it was. The two guys from EMS who scooped her up are longtime family friends and since I'm an employee I was allowed to ride up front. First time in 59 years I've ever ridden in one, front OR back. I watched through the window as the other fella' did his assessment and started some pain meds. Sometimes, it's good to know folks. Following a 4 hr stint in the ER she was admitted with a broken femur, a spiral fracture whatever that is. As fate would have it, my surgeon is in the 'burg on Monday so he was contacted and will do the procedure late this afternoon. Cardiology has classified as "morbid to high" but anesthesia and the surgeon have agreed that it's okay to proceed so here we go. All her nurses are friends and we work together to get things done all legal and HIPPA like. And yes, I realize the huge blessing in all of this. Big hugs to all ya'll there at the sawmill!!

I had a two week post-op visit today and was told I'm on course. He didn't even fuss about the sling being wrong or the fact that I had taken off the bandage. The magic words were "you can now get that shoulder as wet as you want." Bingo! It still hurts...a lot and it's kind of hard with what's going on to rest it due to all the in and out car trips and whatnot. I know my limits and BG will be at the hospital for surgery duty, not me. Honestly? I can't handle anymore right now. My proverbial plate is full.

We visited the big loan shark to feed the baby fish so maybe things will settle down in the financial sector. I see this whole experience of slowing down my pace as something that Big Ernie meant to be. I'm tired, like really tired. When my aunt did this Cousin Mo had Granny in a Martin hospital and got stuck due to the very ice storm that caused my tendon tear. Polar vortex..remember? It is amazing to me how our far flung family comes together in times of crisis like this. No bitching or whining, just the facts. The past five years have been grueling as I've watched my formerly proud and happy parents turn into old people, fighting every step and change in their path. Daddy is waiting it out at home with Ms. Faye and the teevee which works well. His impatience doesn't play well when there's a wait involved. She was crying for us this morning to tell him she loves him.

Here's the thing. I'm scared of losing my parents even though it's been years since they were healthy adults and able to take care of me. I am who they made me to be : tough and proud with a tender heart for anything gentle and loving and peaceful. If I had the time and energy I'd be growing a garden like him and putting up shit like she did in the 110 degree kitchen AFTER she fried all that produce up and made cornbread. That makes me sweat just thinking about it! Each time she has gotten injured she gets a bit more fragile and won't give up trying to take care of herself. I admire it, but I know in my heart that being waited on is what she needs. I've been eating it up around here with BG running me on roadtrips.

Group hug ^j^

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  1. I'm so sorry about your mom. I see that happening to me and my husband, and my children are having to take care of us. It isn't easy to give up control and I know how your mom feels. But this may be the watershed event, where she realizes she has to let go and allow you to take over. Good luck, Poopie.