Saturday, August 23, 2014

hell freezes over

I was still a regular at the kudzu bar when that album came out and we played the heck out of it on the jukebox. "Get Over It" became my theme song but none of the local karaoke folks had it yet. When we went out of town for a birthday party and ended up in a bar one late night, they did have it and that was my debut in front of a bunch of drunks that didn't know me. Perfect timing! I later did that one and a couple of Bonnie Raitt tunes at the Kudzu bar which was my karaoke swan song. There was always way too much talent up in there for me to feel secure.

Man, is it hot..and the humidity is so bad I can't see past the ancient windows dripping with sweat. I just got off the phone from a head check with mom over at the home and she's good. Weekends are not the usual rush rush there because there is no physical therapy so you're pretty much on your own which, for her, means listening to books on tape and chatting with her friends all around the country on the handy dandy Jitterbug. She has a nice roommate so that helps as well. Daddy is doing EXCELLENT except for the fact that she's not there for him to recite his timeline to. That's when he calls me or loads up on the gator for a visit. Yes, indeed. We are a village.

With Congress on vacay and the POTUS playing golf (for which he has received a whole boatload of hell) things are at a dull roar in the political arena. The Westboro bunch is headed over to picket ISIS which I think is a brilliant idea in all respects if they can scratch up plane fare to Syria. Somehow I doubt with their combined intelligence they could raise enough to get to the airport. Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders are still picking up steam which tickles me to death of course.

One of my oldest friends just came by with a get well present and we talked at the kitchen table about life love and the Cardinals while Boogs and Shannah did laundry. Never a dull moment around here, I'm just saying. I'm back in the sling for awhile after discovering that it's nice to not have the sound of velcro popping with every move but it hurts when you don't use it. And speak of the devil, daddy just rolled in on the gator in 100 degree temps and is now walking to the mailbox for me. I am blessed.

Keep the faith and call your mother ^j^

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