Friday, August 15, 2014

the sixth life

Mama has "almost" died several times over the past few years and this go around scared the bejesus out of all of us. Since Sunday night she has gone through surgery, spent several days in intensive care with failing kidneys and falling 02 sats and pH but thanks to her spunk and the prayers of many PLUS excellent care, she has rallied once again! Most of BG's time has been spent taking care of me and running back and forth to the hospital. This morning she finally made it to group after visiting with mom for a minute and leaving me and daddy there to watch her sleep. Her confusion and combative attitude of yesterday have turned into a resignation to rest and get back home, one more time. While I know that her time is coming, it isn't now evidently. Thanks to Big Ernie and all of ya'll for keeping her lifted up through this crisis.

Mama was born to Harold and Geraldine in November of 1933. They were a couple totally in love and oddly suited for each other. Geraldine was the somewhat privileged daughter of Oscar and Ethel Hamilton, and of course there's lots of Agee up in our roots. Harold, or Pawpaw as we called him, was a post WWII success what with his service station and real estate bidness. That's how Daddy came to be the manager of Calcutt Farms, though his father-in-law. Gaga didn't work until she had to which was later in life after all the money was gone. That's not a story I like to dwell on because it just makes me mad. Mama was overweight most of her life and still managed to enjoy Camp Hiawasee and every dang club at Dyersburg High School which was right across the street from her home at the time on College. It was the fifties and segregation was still alive and well so I got cared for by multiple adoring family members and devoted housekeepers who cooked better than Paula Deen. Pawpaw and his daddy were members of a traveling band and there's a picture somewhere that escapes me. Maybe later, hmm?

Mia familia, though uniquely mine, is not any more extraordinary that those of every man and woman. It is what it is and it was what it was. The recording of said history is what's important. Bubba and I were discussing crops today and he said the beans probably won't be ready until DECEMBER?? Corn is behind too and I must admit I'm feeling a bit of claustrophobia these days. It will probably come down right about the time I return to the sawmill. If things keep on this track we'll have soy turkey for Thanksgiving.

Love ya. Mean it ^j^

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  1. I am glad to know your mama isn't going to her reward, as they say, at this time. I hope that she will be out of the hospital soon and recovering well. I don't envy all that, as I know it is difficult for you, taking care of them.