Sunday, August 31, 2014

cows in the kudzu

As it turns out I put on a couple of tight fittin' tops and headed on out to the kudzu cottage where my dear friend lives. Cathy picked me up and I was out of the sling at the time and forgot all about it I was so excited to get the eff out of this house besides going to the hospital or nursing home. Her brother still has cows next door and we sat on the front porch like the Clampett family watching Sally run 'em all back into the woods. They love the cool spots, ya know? Sally is a beautiful pup who looks kind of like BlueDog only more laid back. She's so blonde Patsye has to pick the RED ball up and give it to her. Her hub was sound asleep in the bedroom after consuming half a bucket of fried chicken. We all go way back to high school days when we were yet to be who we are now. Carol's family used to live down Samaria Bend and take-a-right where the spoiled rotten kid now terrorizes our neighborhood. That would just on the other side of Clara's house and chicken coop.

BG was Booger sitting so I turned in early and slept like a log until about 8 when some dog or another wanted in or out. Marti Ann is in town and she promised to visit today so I got my shit business done early so we could chill. The funniest thing is that she wanted if she could "bring her dog." Heh. Pruddy is a beautiful golden retriever with a gentle soul like Taffy's. All my rowdy mutts terrorized her for awhile and then she ended up on the floor being whispered to by my daughter. Pet friendly? You bet your sweet ass.

I went up to the home this morning expecting to see my mama doing exactly what was up...resting. Because she can't see who's coming into her field of vision she depends on audio instead relating to voice and touch. I shared my new favorite spiritual song with her as all the straight laced conservative types rolled the other residents toward "church." I watched as her eyes that cannot see danced while I sang every praise along with the flash mob in Birmingham. And I knew right then that this is where our paths diverge. I cannot in good conscience allow her to live in an unsafe situation any longer because I know better. As their advocates it is my job to make sure that my parents are as safe as possible because that's what they always did for me. It may not be easy or popular but that's what they sent me to school for.

Mama would say I've been sprunty lately because I've been using my right arm freely. I'm kinda' sorta' doing my own PT based on stretching and whatnot. Once I get cleared by the surgeon there will be myofascial release out the wazoo as long as the therapists hands hold out. She has almost killed "the bitch" which is, as Glenda the good one would say "a good thing."

Labor day is about appreciating work ethic combined with fair treatment for employees. It is about embracing the fact that there is, indeed, more to life than workin' for a living and most of it can be found in small moments with family and friends. I can say this because for the first time in my life I'm taking care of myself.

Faith ^j^

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