Saturday, August 30, 2014

record breaking

My blogger dashboard contains all three of the blogs that I've created over the past 10 years or so. One of them "A Stained Glass Life" was the book that never got done. Not many posts there at.all. The other one, "Poop Happens" had 1405 posts before I ducked out and over to Pecan Lane which is now 100 posts away from that figure. One of the guys that I look to as a mentor in writing remarked one time that I am a consistent blogger with which I totally have to agree. While he is a writer who is paid for his work, mine is just daily therapy up here on the hill where the corn surrounds my view. That is one of the things I am looking to explore in the upcoming class at the Chamber. The daughter of an old friend is the media go to gal there and my 'nother friend's son is heavily involved. I'm happy to see this community exploring ANYTHING besides more toxic industrial jobs. There is no local market for talent here..the dolla' stores are probably one of our biggest employers. Looking back, I remember when our then roommate Gumby was traveling all over the country with a crew of migrant workers finishing concrete slabs for DG stores. That was before we had ummm....who knows how many in this county. I do shop there for things other than fresh food. It's fun and cheap.

So, I've added two new songs to my celebration of life list this week alone! Both are happy by Hezekiah Walker and the other by Delta Rae. Ya'll don't wanna miss this party, I'm telling you. Not that it will be anytime soon but you never know. Bring your own story! Is that not the ultimate in narcissism? I just had a nice long chat by phone with my mama about how we can manage things when she leaves the home. The doors to every room in their old house are too narrow to navigate with a wheelchair and no help. No weight bearing for a month after she gets there so, um I'm doing the math. Miss Faye is older herself and cannot lift or otherwise help out in that way. Daddy is feeble and manages himself pretty well but, you know. We shall see. I have a CNA in mind who just might be the answer to everything.

Shoulder is so so and I'm deliberately piddling enough to keep it from stiffening up. Like they say, it's a process. A bunch of my friends are getting together today and I'm passing on that because I'd have to wear a bra. It's gonna be a sad day when I have to hook the girls back up for good and trudge to the sawmill! Even my sweet mother is learning to love the joy that is not wearing underwear. It's overcast today and has been sprinkling off and on. That's good for all those folk at the fair working exhibit check-in duty. It's mighty hot up in those big metal buildings when the September sun is shining. To Marti,Aleece and Delores~ thanks for all you do!

And every praise? Is to our God!


  1. I worry about the day when mr. kenju has to go into a wheelchair for good. The fact that we now live in a 3-story townhouse doesn't bode well for that. I hope your mom does well, and that CNA will be ready, willing and able to help. I don't envy you this time in life. It is so frustrating to have to worry about aging parents and our own ills too.

    Now that I'm mostly retired, I have gotten very used to now wearing a bra. I can breathe better without one anyway. The days I go out and have to wear one are excruciating for me - or so it feels. I've taken to wearing tank tops under other tops - think I can get away with not wearing a bra - but it still shows. Do I care enough to wear one? Not really, but I don't want to embarrass my kids.....LOL

  2. NOT ! I wish blog comments were able to be edited.

    And a bit lower "Think" should be thinking.