Saturday, August 16, 2014

monkey farts

Once upon a time when I got a package from BF there was a cute jar full of change that formerly held something of that scent. At that time I had never heard of it but NOW I know thanks to my buddy Charlie Brooke and her lip stuff. So, when Kimm showed up last night with some candles and one of the tarts was Monkey Farts I immediately knew it would be a favorite along with orange and strawberry melon. Her stuff is 100% soy with zero smoke and no headaches. We sat in the fading sunlight of my room chatting about this that and the other including family history and who we've seen which is nobody because all we do is go to work and come home. We go all the way back to kudzu bar days when she and my redneck friend were bankers. That's a whole 'nother story which I shan't go into. I remember her pouring a pitcher of beer over my cousin Kenny's head at some birthday party and he didn't speak to her for years.

Mom was up in a chair when we got there with a sausage biscuit and large Dr.Pepper. She has her cell phone now so all her buddies can call her for updates instead of me! She's a little confused and has a broken leg but her mind is sharp most of the time. We helped her brush her teeth for the first time in a week and put some baby lotion on that sweet face. And then, we left her with my grinning co-workers. The red head thinks mine and mama's surgeon is "easy on the eyes" and she asked me to give him a message the other day which I delivered. I won't tell you what his response was...heh.

Just in case any of you don't realize the serendipity of this whole situation, let me point out once again that we have a social worker in the family who is doing pro-bono payback for being the only grandchild for many years. My parents adored her and still do. She's the only one who can get Daddy to say the L word except for mom. I got a wild hair the other day and wanted to be *auburn* because that sounds really mysterious and a bit darker than the blond life I've known. What I got was hot pink with blonde streaks and brown roots. BG went to the store and got some plain old brown to fix the whole mess. Maybe Shannah will give me a cut while we're at it. Boogs is coming over sometime and I'm ready to chat and read boooookkks.

This has been #deadelvismania all damn week along with the other drama. When the King died they did a post-mortem at the now absent Baptist downtown and one of our pathologists was on that team. Talk about your moment of fame! I saw Priscilla on the teevee yeterdat announcing the launch of a new Heartbreak Hotel for all the tourists. I know I'm a hippie, but I just don't get it. Whatever floats your boat I reckon. It is a dark life that is led by those whom society adores. At that time I was in transit from UTCHS to home back to Memphis for my first job. Only I never made it there to be a microbiologist at John Gaston. I remember driving I240 on the way to that apartment that I never slept in. Now it's the 'hood complete with gunfire. One of my classmates is a hospital admin in East Tennessee and we have recently hooked back up via our mutual buddy Julie of Big Stone Gap. Gaye got married when we graduated and we made the trip together for that union. Not sure how long it lasted but I think she's pretty happy now. I made decent grades there but was nowhere near the top GPA-wise. You can imagine how floored I was when the Queen Bee of the program called to tell me I had the highest grade on the comprehensive. At that time Brenta Davis was an icon at UT and very politically active in getting national attention for our profession. It wasn't until years later that one of the two Cuban pathologists we had said that someday "monkeys would do lab work." Right.

The airbase in Halls just south of my house has a yearly weekend show featuring vintage airplanes that have been coming in for over 24 hours. I remember once my cheapass boyfriend took me and parked in a bar parking area so we wouldn't have to pay admission. Live and learn.

Ya'll be safe and peaceful~

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