Sunday, August 24, 2014

reality sets in

I've been pretty much in a cave for the past month which has involved sleeping 12 hours a day and allowing my body to heal itself. It's about time for the next step which will be MRF release to help loosen up everything that got cut. It's very gentle and not the type thing at all that will make you sore or sorry. Excellent pain relief, and something that I will need as I begin to learn how to use the right arm again. I have three weeks to get that done to where I can go back to work sans lifting. That takes about six months or so I believe. This whole mama and the broken leg deal has sort of thrown my recovery for a loop and I still remember hanging the sling over that ER bedrail two weeks post-op listening to her cry from the pain of a spiral fracture of the femur. There was surgery, a rod and screw and several harrowing days in intensive care as her fragile body fought once again to live. She is more content now that I've seen her in eons and much safer to boot. Daddy brought me some candy bars yesterday as his excuse for a visit and we had to sit inside because the heat index was about 110. Ugh and ugh.

My brother and his family are at the beach which is something I won't see for a long time,dammit. There's been a large rattler of an earthquake in CA which is nothing new. I figure the New Madrid is probably gonna' act up soon because of all the commercial activity up there in Lake County at the giant port. Rails are being installed and soon there will be acres of containers of "things" to be delivered who knows where. For all of the economic prosperity that this project promised, I've seen little in my little corner of the world. Earlier this year I was at the point where I could see the light at the end of the tunnel but it went dark on me before I could even buy a new outfit. Since I've been sick I have splurged on the convenience of carry out food from high price places a couple of times but other than that? I've been wearing the hair shirt, so to speak. Daddy sat in mama's old recliner and I was cross-legged on my bed and we chatted about his "schedule." Why in the world he loves the news is beyond me because it's all bad but it keeps him entertained.

What I read this morning was that the asshat Beatle wannabe' jihadists who killed Foley have been identified and are ready to do their thing again if there is no ransom paid. Also in #ferguson there are more details coming out about shooters and shootees now that the dust has settled a bit. I hear that open carry black panther type groups are taking to the street to defend themselves from militarized police action and all I can think of is "Jesus wept." Put down the damn guns and talk across the table like intelligent folks. Meet in the middle. Is that so hard??? Evidently it is for extremists of any sort.

Elizabeth Warren has announced (for the 98th time) that she will not run for POTUS in spite of the fact that a PAC is raising money for just that. Her honorable self has already legally disclaimed any involvement with the group. Transparency is the name of the game sister.

The big news here is that it's almost Dyer County Fair week which always happens around my birthday. I worked the gates as a teenager and college student and it was a huge deal even then with it all laid out next to the cemetery. Every kid in the county and then some brings their arts and crafts in for competition as well as fresh flowers, canned food hogs and sheep. There is a karaoke championship and a talent show plus several beauty reviews. I haven't been since BG was old enough to NOT want to go.

Who's ready for fall? You know this gal is!

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