Saturday, August 9, 2014

cabin fever

It's day three with no outing and I'm okay with that. The air is so thick with humidity you can't breathe and I had a sneezing fit this morning when I turned down the air. If the rain doesn't stop the corn will start throwing mold my way, like there's not enough already from the basement! Thank God for Singulair and Benadryl. Booger is coming for a sleepover and I'm excited about getting to play. He's a mess when he's cranky but pure joy when he's not. I'm still amazed that his third new word was "book." This little dude will travel the whole house with one in his hand to get somebody to read it. And sometimes he just reads to himself and makes up the it.

One of the things I've enjoyed the most is having time to read political threads and see where people's heads are at. As an independent voter I see nuggets of wisdom coming not only from both parties but from the ones like me who want to move away from extremism toward the middle. It's way to late to get rid of the two party system but a third one that doesn't accept PAC $$ would tickle me to death. Transparency is the key word and that is not happening with either party. As a conservative liberal I support gay marriage, women's right to choose birth contol options, and amnesty for border children. I am against any war that launched unless we are attacked at home. I am pro-choice, anti-bigotry,and against the death penalty. Fiscally, I'm rather conservative. I don't believe that SS is an "entitlement" because I've paid for it my entire life. I know like you do that there is a lot of abuse of social services and I realize that the society that has been created as consumers of that item will never change, just like Middle Eastern terrorists. Their behaviors are decades old and entrenched in drug abuse, poverty and domestic violence. Many have stepped up and broken the cycle and I applaud that. EBT is one of the ways that our Iraq and Afghanistan vets are supporting their families after returning home to a stagnant economy and poor access to healthcare. Yes people, PTSD is real.

I see healthcare as the biggest crisis du jour because big pharm and insurance are calling all the shots and making it almost impossible to STAY healthy to begin with. Preventive care should be free..period. Pap smears, mammograms and blood sugars are ways to prevent disease before it takes a toll that costs a whole helluva' lot more to treat. Now I'm not talking about your full chemistry panel at no charge, but blood glucose...a single reading 2 hours pp is an effictive way to screen for diabetes. Blood pressure checks don't cost a dime except for the stethoscope.

We had dolla' breakfast from MickeyD's because sometimes you just have to splurge. BG has plans to buy the ingredients and make our own. I'm down with that, you know? Homegrown is about to be my middle name.

Over and out from Pecan Lane. Call your mother and keep the faith!

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