Wednesday, August 20, 2014

brighter day

First thing this morning when I hit the PC I read that a veteran journalist kidnapped two years ago in Syria has been executed. Afraid to watch the tape, I still have an image of Daniel Pearl seared into my brain. While journalists know the risks involved in covering war, they take on the responsibility for the money but also to feed that insatiable appetite of the public for the "next big story." Sadly as well, I watch and listen as class warfare begins to destroy the fabric of our country and everybody is all in a twit when anarchy breaks out. Our society, hungry for the luxuries that oil can buy, has bought hook line and sinker into the idea that the glory days of our economic power will last forever. Afraid not kids...see 2008. The corn that surrounds me now is not even being grown for food. It will go guessed. Fuel.

Mama made it to the home yesterday evening after much ado and a day of long waiting for the wheels to turn. Her nurse got sick and they were short and I worried the fire out of 'em by phone so I feel kind of bad. The whole family looks to ME as the one to get things done and I just can't right now. I was talking to my younger brother as he sat on his porch with wine and listened to his daughter chatter in the background. I found out this morning that the "special" people had a fire last night too which I totally missed because I go to bed before sundown. It's still standing so we shall see about the damages.

In other news and this is not gossip but public information: The company for which I work was hacked by Chinese cybercriminals who stole demographics on 4.5 million patients in 20something states. I don't watch the market but I imagine there might be a trend of a dip for a few days. Normally they are a good performing company stock wise. This is no different, and less dangerous, than the credit card thefts that have occurred at Target etc. We depend on electronic technology to get things done in our fast paced society, but there is a price to pay for having a footprint.

We have a week of temps coming that will be pure summer in the south so I'm glad to be indoors. Nothing wears me out more than going from car to place and back and forth until I get home. My days are short still, about ten hours or so before I lay it down for the evening and let the dogs snuggle. My stamina is not much, but then the last week just kind of took out of me what I had gained. It's time to let the universe run itself again.

No words of wisdom here...I'm just hanging out in a sling keeping the faith ^j^

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