Friday, August 1, 2014

moving day

About 8 months ago we all made a giant leap of faith and combined our household with that of a hard working mama and her precious Boogerman. A lot of crap has happened between then and now and we have stories to last a lifetime. How about that day on the ice (right before he started to walk) when the Polar Vortex swept through and not only tore my shoulder to bits but broke Booger's ankle when they fell on the ice. He wailed for days until the pain subsided and then promptly began to try walking on the cast. By the time it came off, he was ready to run! Our two families have consolidated resources and helped each other through what has turned out to be a very difficult year for all involved, as Shannah would say. Her struggle to beat the odds stacked against her family has been fierce and loving. She has scrimped and saved and there has been (of course) lots of drama to accompany the giggles. She is one of the happiest individuals I've ever met, no matter what's going on. Booger has taken that personality on as he's grown to learn just how to make her smile.

We first met right abound the time when Tara dropped the window into the door of my Camry resulting in about a year with plastic flapping and exhaust roaring. The window is there but the roar continues as well as the one hubcap deal. I ought to just take it off so the tires match! She spent days and hours on end serving time in drug court and eventually bought a car (which totally saved us during the ice) and took on two jobs. I've watched the older kids take on responsibility and help her even when all they want is to be teenagers. This is a lesson that many kids don't learn until much later on in life. I admire her relationship with their dad in that they are working together to get 'em up and out into the world.

There have been times when all of us, including the five dogs, weren't sure that this day would come. We've practiced coming and going simply to ease the drama from transitioning into "the next chapter". Lots of toys will stay and extra clothes so that Gramma and TT's house is ready for anytime visits by one or all. You never know what life will pitch your way and I certainly hope a ball doesn't come at me right now because I'd smooth have to duck. Day 3 is supposed to be the worst and I can tell it will be pain wise. The bruising is now all the way down boob. Note to self: Arnica.

Resting the arm is in my best interest because it's the only money maker I can shake. Thanks for all the love support and well wishes. It makes life worth living. Keep the faith ^j^

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