Sunday, August 10, 2014

free as a bird

It was like a funny movie scene today as all five of us loaded in the Camry to go out for breakfast. We picked the Grands up at church which put me squished between Jordan and Daddy like a Poopie sammich. Mom's walker, which usually rides in the back seat was in the trunk. Tony discovered the perfect way to get them in and out by doing a U-turn in the parking lot right up to the dang door. Our friend Bobbie works there and she enjoyed seeing the babyman just like everybody else in the place. He talked and ate and dazzled folks and is now sleeping soundly with a belly full on pancakes and sausage rolls. He and TT did a little swinging and playing in the dirt and I played ball with him until he dropped it into the AC vent. Maybe the doc will have another when I go to see him tomorrow.

Several people who have had similar operations tell me that I'm doing well in my recovery. My biggest problem is finding a comfy way to sleep. And putting on pants. I haven't worn a bra in two weeks and I feel empowered with that freedom which is something I never think about really. When out and about the boulder holder stays on from daylight 'til almost dark. The key to this whole thing is "keep it simple." Rome wasn't built in a day and the surgery that was performed requires careful rehab.

I feel quite grateful to be a citizen of this country considering all the drama elsewhere. The POTUS is getting slammed already for going on vacation while the whole world goes to hell in a handbasket. The truth is, if Congress can shut down for vacay without addressing the important issues on the table, why should he hang around. He can't do much without their approval, ya know? Executive action as I have witnessed under his tenure has been used wisely. I'm not pro Gaza or Israel or Ukraine or Russia. I just want everybody to get along and quit fighting. Yeah, I know. When donkeys fly!

So umm. Multi-millionaire NASCAR driver Tony Stewart pinned a guy against a wall killing him. If he didn't have such a history of anger issues, I might think it was an accident and maybe it was. The thing is, it's a dangerous practice when in the hands of someone who throws hissy fits on a regular basis. My friend Lisa loves him to pieces, and no harm intended to her! Gigi is a Jimmy Johnson fan, herself. I'm needing some pool time for this old body sometime in the coming week. Just to stand in it would feel great.

The clouds are building and yes we have more rain in the forecast. Normally August and September are dry as heck around these parts. So far, August has been a monsoon of epic proportions dumping inches of rain at a time on crops that sorely needed it. The irrigation system has only been on for a couple of times this summer which is unusual too. We shall see, as they say.


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