Tuesday, April 4, 2017

the rocking chair

It sits in my office, not too far from where it lived for 60 years with my parents.  It's old but sturdy with a cane back and seat....perfect for rocking babies in.  BG went for an ultrasound today and it seems that the name Edward won't fit.  You never know until the fat lady sings or the ultrasound turns, but that's what we were expecting anyway.  She called me when it was over, totally impressed with the experience and care that she got.  I have been as well.  They see a lot of low income patients with special needs and manage to keep things timely.  She broke her tailbone some years ago in a fall and now that the old hips are spreading she's been in constant pain.  Our sister facility gave her some shots in the back in their ER so that's better.  All is well.  

Work was work.  Not too bad with a little time to catch up and bond.  Keeping that spirit alive among us is what keeps a team in emotional shape for stressful situations.  It still totally amazes me how defensive people get when you are just speaking your mind.  It's like "duh" the whole world doesn't twirl around you dude!

I'm still treating Sondra and now Mitzi Lou with the famous Pelham arm pull.  I'm working on both of them to visit Gay just for some relief because LORD I know the feeling.  I will be buying both of them plastic balls for shoulder treatment.  Hooooah!

There are two gorgeous snowball bushes across from UPS where the shady trailer park used to be.  Now it's all empty slabs and a cash advance place.  I stopped to pick a few and then moseyed on down to Casa Grands to find their dogwoods in full bloom and a few iris almost gone.  I suppose it's the Summer Hill Garden Club coming out as the ghost of Gaga!  

Rejoice ~

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