Friday, April 28, 2017

crossed wires

At some point in time when there was probably beer involved i managed to start a new FB account and found my way back out of it somehow to my original home.  When I fired up a new tablet and downloaded the app, that old one came back to haunt me.  The last two blog posts were posted on that old site and you can sure tell it with the difference in stats.  We'll see if I got it straight.  When it first happened everybody thought that I'd been hacked but in reality I had just made a major dumbass move.  

I'm so glad it's Friday I could literally cry but I won't because I've had enough of that lately.  All I want to do is sleep in and wear pajamas.  Yard guys came today and it looks spectacular as usual.  That finger that got dislocated months ago hasn't given me much trouble at all even though the joint is huge.  This morning when I woke I could barely bend it!  Must be the front moving in.  

I'm happy to hear that there's a possibility the government won't be shut down in the next week because of Trumpy's wall. That is the most idiotic thing he's pitched so far, well....among others like repeal of the ACA with no backup plan.  Why is it so hard for this administration to be pro-active rather than reactive?  Never mind.  We all know the answer and the house of cards is about to fall.  Heh.  

So, the new tires will be put on Monday and I've got a door handle whenever Punkin gets around to that job.  Crawling out the passenger side door is getting old, just saying.  I will feel much better about traveling when all that is done.  

Over and out from the hill ~

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