Sunday, April 23, 2017

the rainbow bridge

I'm not sure if that's a legend or a truth but I honestly believe that's how those that we love cross over to the light.  Sophie went there early this morning on my bed which was her favorite spot.  Sam and Oscar wanted out at daylight so I got up to open the front door and as Sam passed me I heard a big gassy sound and knew for sure he had just farted right in my face.  I went on into the bathroom and returned to find Sophie passed on.  That was the sound and the smell and I've been there before.  I picked her up and put her lifeless body on the floor next to the bed and immediately called for help from my grave digging friends and neighbors.  Then I started digging with my brand new shovel.  

Bev and Patrick and Mamye all showed up with theirs and we got the hole done deep enough to cover and top with a straw bale.  There will be something growing over her body soon like a tomato or something.  It needs a few more bricks to keep the digger critters out.  Ethel's yellow iris are blooming so there's your flowers for a proper burial.  By the way, Daddy's peonies are ready to bust wide open.  

Keep the faith ^j^

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