Thursday, April 13, 2017

day trippin'

Lorna called this morning with an offer to ride along with her to Lake county so off we went.  I wandered around her yard in wonder at all the work she's done with her straw bale garden.  While I have four bales  and a couple of ground beds, she has FIFTY bales laid out in her huge yard at Silvertop,  Some had strawberries in already.  We talked about the multi-million dollar highway to nowhere that runs by her place and was built because of the port.  Reminds me of the Lake Road extension that leads right up to the front door of Colonial Rubber.  It sees a lot more traffic than the one in Tiptonville.  We drove by her homeplace and chatted about who lives where....memory lane stuff.  At 65, she is raising two grandchildren.  

We had talked about lunch at Boyette's but decided that was too heavy and settled on The Bus Stop in downtown Dyersburg.  It's an upscale bistro type place that was put into our ACTUAL old Greyhound station.  The food is to die for prepared by a talented chef named Eric.  Lorna promised to hook him up with fresh produce when it comes in and he was thrilled.  

Then we headed to Pecan Lane where she inspected my little plot and said I was on course as a novice organic gardener.  The beauty of it is that you can many seasons of growth from an initial investment time and work but not much money.  My next step is to get at the periphery with white vinegar spray to get rid of the grass.  She and I are kindred spirits, smart savvy southern gals who hold nothing back.  We are cheerleaders for each other and our families and I love hearing about her world travels.  I'm talking Himalayan and everything.  On her dining room table are examples of tribal masks that she made.  Like me, she sorts a lot.  We have things that are of value to us and nobody can quite understand how hard it is to discard anything that has always been around.  

Today is Maundy Thursday ( thanks Beth ) which brings to mind the last supper and foot washing.  What a servant leader! I can really relate to those disciples in that I have denied many times in life what is good and true.  I imagine the Pharisees and Saducees as precursors to Trump.  

It's a beautiful day in the hood.  Go forth and enjoy ~ 

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