Monday, April 17, 2017

puffy eyes and a hailstorm

My eyes were almost swollen shut when I rolled out of bed at 10AM from all that crying yesterday.  That put me with little time to make my appointment with old friends.  Kent and Kim are both old friends and previous co-workers.  When he and Laura moved back this way from San Diego, I was probably the first friend they met, at church no less.  Their daughter Melissa and BG became close friends and grew up together.  She works there too so it was a pleasure to catch up with the whole bunch.  I had two skin biopsies that are itching like crazy about now.  

It was raining when I left there to visit the ATT store for an upgrade.  There are no contracts now!  That's because you pay for the phone as you go instead of shelling out 600 bucks up front.  Anyway, it can't happen until the bill is paid which will be on Friday so there's that to take care of on Saturday while Lauren is here.  About the time I left that store all hell broke loose with the weather.  I could barely see my way down Mall Blvd and when I hit Parr the hail started.  That's when I said to hell with it and pulled over while it pinged.  After about five minutes I was able to proceed only to get the windshield so fogged up that another pullover was required to even see out the windshield.  There's another wave in progress right now.  Heads up West Tennessee.


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