Sunday, April 2, 2017

the next right thing

My ex-husband was ten years sober when he died in June 2015.  I watched as he spiraled and so did BG.  His bottom took him to JACOA where he remained true until t he day he died.  One of the things that I learned about life think from him is to not try and look at the big picture so much.  Take life as it comes, and do the next right thing.  It's sort of a mantra to me and pops into my head whenever I'm faced with a decision.  If you do what you think is right with no harm intended, even if it doesn't work out you did your best.  

I've noticed over the past year or so that the universe is bringing people from the past through my life on a pretty regular basis.  I ran into my best high school buddy's mom and brother the other day...another one that got away.  Yaya brought Kayla out yesterday for some asparagus picking and K was amazed that she was eating straight out of the garden!  They left with a box full of crowns for Yaya's bed.  She and I ran like wild women for about 5 years starting when I was 50.  There were several others like Redneck Friend who were always a part of the adventure.  I was single and loving it.  
Things change.  People move onto the next right thing.  For Yaya that means being grandma every weekend.  

I've done some laundry and started the dishes.  If I told you how long they've been in the sink you might call the health department so I digress.  There is bleach involved.  This is why I don't cook anymore.  It's pretty and the limbs aren't picking up themselves so I'll get to that after the dishes.  

Simplicity ~

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