Thursday, April 6, 2017

brand new cut

The rain got Mayberry and company late yesterday and I returned home to find the job being finished this afternoon.  A nice yard is a work of art in the south.  I'm riding the easy train these days depending on perennials for entertainment with a few anuuals sprinkled in for food and whatnot.  Weedeater guy was precise and avoided all things but grass.  That's a big improvement over last year!!

The wind is still howling in spite of it all.  There is something very haunting to me about the latest chemical attacks on civilians in Syria.  If, in fact, Sadaam had that chemical warfare and used it....he was guilty as charged for having WMD.  That being said, it was no reason to enter into a ten year unwinnable conflict with the jihadists.  Something about good old America thinks that we can go out there and save the world.  Gassing people is nothing new.  Hitler did it.  Others did too.  As "they" say, history repeats itself.  

I just had a nice long chat with my aunt Kathy about baby stuff and the fam.  I haven't cried in weeks and she brought it right on out talking about tow headed little Lauren playing in the yard with her grandaddy, both wearing straw hats.  It was a fun childhood for her.  She and mom cooked a lot and read books.  See?  You would cry too.

I'm about to google how bad cat food is for dogs because that's the current situation here.  Tomorrow is payday and I have bills to get current.  


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