Thursday, April 20, 2017

dog gone

The hottest front page story in our local news has been about an asshat who shoots dogs that come on his property.  He has kinda' sorta' free range chickens and just hates it when the puppies start digging.  He was warned several years ago after killing several pets to ceaseand desist.  This time, he did the deed and transported the bodies to the side of 51 North around Trimble.  They were labs and somebody's babies.  

Speaking of which, Sophie is MIA.  She's always on my bed except for short potty breaks and I remember letting the whole pack out yesterday morning at dawn.  Sam and Oscar were here to greet me after work.  I did what I do and carried on and didn't even notice she wasn't in her usual cuddling spot.  When I came home and she still wasn't here, I started driving the 'hood and calling around.  If I had a dime for every time Faith did that I'd be in Fiji but Sophie just isn't built that way.  She's a homebody and a baby girl.  Three years old with soulful eyes likeher grandmas.  

The rain started as soon as I headed down Samaria Bend and Clara was behind me going to check on her girls.  Driving back east I noticed Daddy's white peonies blooming so I stopped to pick some.  The crimson ones should be ready by mother's day. 

As luck would have it my tire folks need a part for their installer balancer thingy so I can't get new tread for the weekend of BG transport.  So...onto plan B whatever that is.  It's totally out of my hands.  

Peace. Be. Still ~

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