Monday, April 10, 2017

one step a at a time

That is how an old lady gets 50 pounds of dog food up 7steps to the hungry pack.  It's been sitting there since yesterday when I only got as far from the back seat to tree stump with it.  The wind nearly whipped my basil and tomato to death yesterday so they now have support.  Rain is on the way.  

The bombings of Coptic Christians worshipping on Palm Sunday reminded me of my old friend Sonia Gad.  She and her husband Soheil moved here with their children and we became quite good friends.  She was the only pathologist we ever had who promised to put our continuing education as a priority.  She worked with Dr. P and while he traveled to Bellevue in Memphis, she attended the local UMC with me and my family.  One evening in August she and her son were on the dangerous highway known as 78 headed to WalMart for school supplies.  I'm not sure what happened, but her car flipped and hit a tree killing her and trapping her son.  The boy called for help from his mother's cellphone.  

Her funeral was one like I've never witnessed.  Our pastor at the time, Cecil Kirk, did the ceremony which included a lot of smoke and stuff.  If memory serves me correctly, there was a Coptic there in charge of that part because Methodists don't usually pull that one off.  In the playground out back there are 10 foot tall crape myrtles planted by our Sunday School class in her memory.  

Per the itinerant nature of the UMC, my dear friend Dell will be moving to another appointment soon.  June is switch out month for our tribe after the bishop and his crew have prayerfully considered the needs of each congregation.  I've seen guys get a big salary for playing golf all the time. Our church used to be the crown jewel where those who had earned their stripes on the circuit were rewarded.  

I can only name a few who have  made an impact on me:  Willis G, Cecil, Wade Cox....Larry Tubb.  That church is a rock to me in many ways even though I never darken the doors.  I noticed when I drove home today that the holy week cross with the purple drape had palm leaves all over it.  Nice touch.

I get by with a little help from my friends ~

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