Friday, April 14, 2017

good friday musings

Well, here we are on the day after the mother of all betrayals. According to the good book sometime in the afternoon Jesus Christ was crucified on a cross after being scorned and whipped while carrying said cross.  The people turned him over for this sentence when the big guy left the decision up to them.  "Father, why have you forsaken me?"  The rest is history.  A young Jewish carpenter born of a virgin birth went on to perform miracles galore with a lesson in each one.  Love thy neighbor, for example.  "But who is my neighbor?"  they asked.  

I've been on the phone all afternoon with BG planning our comings and goings for the next week.  She's coming home so I have to clean or she'll do it for me.  What we need is to bond.  

Please stay out and about at the Easter egg hunt tomorrow and don't come to the ER.  I will be there and am enjoying the quiet spell.  That is all ~

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