Wednesday, April 12, 2017

word blog

Alas, I am forced to blog on Word and hope for an easy transfer among apps.  My Best Buy Toshiba laptop is fighting for breath.  Time to visit Chris for a tuneup!  Per my normal self I refused to take a nap after work today choosing to play outside and express myself.  The redneck water hose is perched on mama and daddy’s wrought iron chair watering my little garden.  All I have to do is move the chair now and then.
I ran into a friend today that I really had not missed at work yet because you know…they come and go.  Greg was an Employee of the Month in 2016 for his exemplary work in plant operations.  His wife is receiving treatments now and when I saw him he told me he quit because he couldn’t stand the corporate ways.  He’s one month shy of 62 and has a very sick wife.  But you know what?  I totally understand his decision.  Family comes first.  My new crack dealer showed up today with a cute little catalog of girlie clothes.  She’s more expensive than the feed store.

I’m still typing so I guess the spies haven’t shut me down yet.  I totally missed Gigi’s birthday and called her today for a belated chat.  She sounds good and strong.  I admire her business ethic.  This woman built a business by the sweat of her brow and a lot of home inspections.  We met in a bar ( of course ) and have been joined at the hip since.  She  lives a mile down the road halfway to the gentral one street over from the pool she left behind. 

Time to move the hose ~

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