Monday, April 24, 2017

almost a nurse

I've been a lab tech/phlebotomist for almost 40 years now.  I never had to do an EKG or ABG but that was the lab's responsibility before RT came to be.  If you know what all these terms mean, plus STAT then you're almost a nurse like me.  Or else you watch a lot of Code Black.  When I hired on the lab was still doing titrations on stomach acid with invasive tube like procedures and I said hell no I did not go to college for this.  

I've seen an assistant pathologist cut a guy open with a saw and a cig hanging out of his mouth.  That was back in the days of Dr. Inclan and Betty Rothrock.  The morgue was not a fun place however it's where I learned never to eat liver and why not to have an autopsy unless foul play is suspected.  If that's the case?  Let the pros do it.

The primary focus of my career has been on treatment and testing in the Blood Bank.  That includes inventory management and policy and a good bit of training and phone answering.  Everybody wants what they want and they want it now.  We help each other out in a crisis usually in a professional manner that requires just a nod or a look.  As a team....meaning all departments....we save lives and do good things.  There are bad outcomes on most any day because the people are sick or they wouldn't be there.  There's a huge dilemma with somebody's number being up and lack of empathy for a sick person.  I've seen all facets of it and you are fortunate to have somebody who cares at the bedside.

My eyes were swollen shut again today after yesterday's meltdown.  I'm glad she's not sick anymore.  Same for my parents and all the people I've loved and lost.  I got not one but two hugs from Dodo today which was a nice way to start lab week along with free!food!   Sam and Oscar are sticking close to me making sure that we're still a tribe even without Sophie.  Not sure where Lily is but you know cats.  

My friend Sue is at the beach freezing to death but I bet it's warmed up by now. Don't forget my sand girlfriend.  


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