Saturday, April 29, 2017

a day off

It's so humid here that I worked up a sweat just crawling out of the passenger side at the 'gentral.  And then again at Pennington's.  I have to visit there in spurts because I would spend the gas money on their product if I'm not careful.  Today I got to see Stanley and Steve again and I startled Stanley's dog when I tried to smooch her through the window.  She got chastised for barking and then we had a meet and greet.  Beautiful fur baby!  

I got home and unloaded the compost and a pepper plant plus a few flowers.  Squash seeds have been poked into the bed.  By then I was drenched so had to come in and chill a bit.  Us southern ladies don't do heat and humidity well even if we are farmer's daughters.  

There was a lizard sighting at the chicken store and they were all still kind of freaked out when I stopped there.  I spotted a woman who looked mighty familiar and asked her name.  Turns out it was long lost cousin Lisa!  Our fathers were first cousins and her sister is a lab person too for the CDC.  We exchanged phone numbers with a promise to share the family history which sits all OVER my house in boxes.  Roots and ancestry were a passion for both of my parents.  See you soon Sandra!

Love the one you're with ~

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