Tuesday, April 18, 2017


Oh my lord, I forgot to take my allergy pill today ( and all the rest of them ) and I've been sneezing and itching and all kinds of allergic responses.  I thought about asking for a shot of Decadron at the derm guy's place yesterday but we were too busy cutting off suspicious lesions and talking about the past.  I get my sutures out on Monday fo' free because it's a surgical follow up.  I like that value added piece.

I had a long chat with Heather today while AJ was napping and then another one with BG while she was being treated to a pedicure.  Mamye and Hippie are at Taco Tuesday so all is well I suppose.  The driver's side door handle on the INSIDE is now broken which is a conumdrum what with no outside handles on either front door.  Y'all shop some scrap yards for me and holla.  

Tristina the beautiful called today to say that she has a gorgeous cherry changing table for Reaves with bedding and all.  It takes a village.  My nickname at work now is Sugartot because I totally put the sugar all over my tater tots one day.  It's our little village and sometimes we get confused, right Little Bit?

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