Friday, April 7, 2017

friday fun

There was a Carolina wren trapped in the house yesterday afternoon hiding here there and yon and flying toward the windows to try and get out.  I left all the doors open and never saw it again until this afternoon when I found him taking his last breath amongst the feathers that Lily had stripped off.   I took him outside just to see if he could make it only to find him dead a few minutes later.  I'll be damned if I let that evil cat munch on critters in MY house.  RIP little bird.  I's what they do right?  Still, it freaks me out.  I've seen dogs kill cats over a piece of meat and that shook me too.  Primal instinct takes over when there's no conscience involved.  

I had a long talk with my only aunt yesterday and we talked baby stuff.  She shared memories of a cotton top Lauren running around with G'Daddy, both of them wearing straw hats.  In spite of myself, I cried.  I am both happy and humble that today is Friday AND payday so that I can actually buy some food tomorrow.  Like, healthy stuff.  

My cousin twice removed is at LeBonheur with some type of infection and just a wee one so there's that to ponder.  Keith lost his mama.  Tommy got buried.  Yaya got mad.  Just another day in paradise.  Which brings me around to Syria again.

The actions of whomever authorized that fanning the flame tactic are careless and provocative.  It's the old Russian spy thing where we hate them and they hate us and they like to kill people.  There is no caliphate in the sense that any of the radicals will ever band together to believe in something so horrendous as what we have witnessed.  If so, let it be swift please.  I remember going to a state sponsored workshop for hospital people about emergency response in case of attack by radiation, gas, etc.  The presenter was totally cute and spent hours diagramming how the fallout goes from radiation.  I'd rather be gassed.  

As a worldwide conglomerate of all kinds of archys, many nations have stood in solidarity through times of war.  If I had a kid draft age I'd advise him or her to do something to be happy. Protecting the world is a big job.  But these warriors, like the rest of us, just want to do the next right thing.

Peace ~

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