Wednesday, April 26, 2017

beware the rays

Being a very fair skinned lady I've had many a terrible blistering sunburn over the years.  Never used sunscreen except in later life...always trying to get a little color.  Mostly all I got was freckles.  I am beginning to pay for that now in the form of squamous cell carcinoma in-situ meaning a minor skin cancer on my arm.  Two lesions were biopsied and one was just a nuisance.  The SC will be treated by cryo after it heals for a month.  Kim has had her eyes and hands on my skin for years.  She was a phlebotomist when we were first met and went on to become a PA with a nice job and great family.  Her doc and I worked together even BEFORE then when he had a rural health clinic.  He hates whoever was governor then to this day because he cut off funding.  

We ate free not once but twice today on lab week wednesday.  It was busy as a cat scratching in litter so we just rode it out and played nice.  I'm sure numerous lives were saved in the process.  Here's the thing y'all:  Medicine can only do so much.  A focus on wellness is much healthier in the long run.  Those pharmacy generics that you gobble down can also kill you.  Exercise is the most important, I think.  I've always been a walker and even now I find it hard to sit still.  I do bad things to my body but I also focus on alternative medicine like essential oils and natural food.  After three days without aspartame I can honestly say I feel less toxic.  

I went back to the scrap yard today where my parts were ready and I've got a friend lined up to fix it this weekend.  All is well in my world.  BG has a brand new phone on the way and I imagine she's gonna go apeshit crazy after sitting there for 24 hours with a dead one.  Once again, thank you Lisa Ward and ATT Dyersburg.  

I'm binging on Saul right now and loving Mike being alive.  I've seen a couple of others and can't wait for more.  Kathy Bates has one launching soon that looks so like me I could LOL.  Like it or not bible thumpers, cannabis is already an industry and will become much more so because it makes money which the states badly need.  It would help with the wellness piece and for those with chronic disease.  It treats the cause, which is a cellular imbalance from chemicals in the environment, genetics and stress.  

So how about it Tennessee?  Let's grow our own!!!

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