Saturday, April 8, 2017

dogwood dash

Back in the day we had a yearly marathon during dogwood season by that name.  It went by the wayside from being  huge deal to nothing.  I knew the tradition had been revived this year and was pleased to see lots of runners, bikers and walkers out on the course today as I ran errands.  First was ( of course ) the gentral'.  Then I headed to the crack dealer AKA Pennington Seed and Supply.  Their courtyard is like what heaven would be for me.  I heard my name called and turned around to get a big fat hug from Stanley Norris who recounted how he "almost died" a few weeks ago.  He's working a few hours a day to build up stamina and even showed me his scars.  I loaded up with another bale of straw and lots to plant.  FINALLY basil available.  I got another lavender because the cold got my first one.  There's sweet potato vines for the tree stump and a few odd flowers.  Tomorrow I'll get more compost and some seed.  Stanley hand picked the kind of tomato he wanted me to have and told me how deep to plant.  It's already in the bale.  

At the chicken store I ran into James Frank and he told me he had found some pictures of one of their family's 4th of July celebrations when me and my parents were there.  That seems like forever ago.  Mozella the mayor is still perking along at 95 surrounded by family.  It's the American dream that got lost when families began to scatter all across the world. I ran into a cute little family that I know at the feed store and they all looked excited and on a mission.  That place will make a KILLING today.  

Time to work the dirt ~

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