Monday, April 3, 2017

chipping away

The more I try, the behinder I get.  I am not an extravagant spender by any means and rarely buy anything for myself.  The cost of running this household is astronomical and it's a miracle I've managed as long as I have.  There are four payments left on the washer, and on this check I must pay car insurance, DTV, internet, electric bill and the remainder of the dentist and propane guy's stuff.  Plus the drug store. And of course rent.  DTV is dispensible because I don't watch it but there's that pesky early termination thing requiring me to ride out the contract.  All the while I'm paying the bankruptcy court a good sum of money monthly off the top.  

I owe the surgical group for my scope, a huge group of locum tenems from an ER visit with the funky finger left me holding 800. Now, mind you I have insurance that I pay dearly for yet I can barely afford the co-pays for wellness visits.  This is the norm and is the very reason that our healthcare system is in such a bind.  Wellness benefits = early disease detection and less cost for the insurance company, providers and patients.  Paps and mammograms should be free. Instead what we have is a huge number of places referring folks back and forth to wherever their insurance will pay for what they need, if it indeed does at all.  The sad thing is that we have the technology to make people healthier and most of our energy goes into the sick and dying who have gotten lost in the system.  This is not a local's countrywide.  

So what is the answer, you ask.  I know I've thought a lot about it because it's very frustrating to be a caregiver by vocation.  Medicare for all levels the playing field removing big insurance and drastically putting the hurt on big pharma.  Sounds simple right ?  It would be if everybody would just quit fussing and fighting over the details.  

If you have worked for any length of time you have paid the Medicare tax and mostly likely will never see it unless somebody gets a grip up there in Washington.  I have five more years to go until I qualify for MC and then I have to buy a supplement.  I just don't want to die before I know what it's like to have another vacation.  

That was a rant but not a bad one because...pssst.  Too much energy.  If it all gets to be too much I'll just smack the cat off the table.  

Peace ~ 

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