Tuesday, April 11, 2017

the russians are coming

I have this one commenter who writes in another language now and again.  I've always just deleted them but I figure I'll translate this last one and see what they say.  It's probably either Putin or ISIS telling me to shut my damn piehole.  No wait....maybe it's a stealth Trump move!   

My brother T made a whirwind trip into the 'burg and brought Peyton out for a tea party yesterday.  She loves coming here because it's like shopping at a thrift store!  She fell twice, once into the uncovered AC duct but nothing major, thank goodness.  The house is definitely not kid proof yet.  BG called me this morning to say she needs mama and has next weekend off.  We shall work this thing out.  

BG's actual birthdate is September 22, 1984.  There's always been a celebration of some sort even if it's just a card.  She has another birthday coming up this Sunday which is just as important if not more so.  It is the first anniversary of a day when she made the most important commitment of her life.  We have lived it together and my heart swells just thinking about her journey.   Well, and the grandbaby too ;)'

Y'all be careful out there ~ Hill Street Blues

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