Thursday, April 27, 2017


If you've seen a medical professional in the past few years you have signed a piece of paper stating that you understand that your health information will be kept safe by the provider.  It is the law and fines for violation are not cheap.  Corporate drill always includes many lessons on privacy and compliance.  That's so if somebody gets pissed off that you put their stuff on facebook or twitter, they're covered.  I've always been respectful enough to delete any signage from my workplace in photos and I don't tweet so there you go.  

I spent most of the day in my home away from home wearing pounds of lead.  There was Subway and CAKE!!  Thanks to CEB for that treat.  I need new tennis shoes and scrambled to find some with laces this morning.  I ended up with the muddy old nikes I was wearing when I dug Sophie's grave.  And by golly?  I wore 'em proud.

Keep the faith ~

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