Wednesday, April 5, 2017

here it comes again

Another wave of thunderstorms but nothing like what's going on to the south of us.  Geez man.  Hopefully that put out the fire under the I85 overpass where chemicals were haphazardly store by the city and ignited by homeless people who live there.  That's what I heard, anyways.  I have sources.  

A friend died last night and though I knew it was coming, it still took me off guard when I got the message.  He had excellent care and died peacefully in his home.  Fortunately he had a doctor in the family to oversee things.  And now the suffering is over for Tommy Dale who leaves a wife and daughter.

OMG....I hear yard guy!  Big mower and weedeater!  Got a hug from Mayberry!  It's the first mowing of 2017 so there will be allergies galore.  Mamye came out and I shared the first mess of asparagus half of which we picked together.  It takes a village.

I'm kind of liking he way that Trumpys are getting called out one by one.  Not that I wish ill on anybody but umm..what about all those Syrians who died in their sleep from nerve gas.  While wiping out a rebel stronghold, innocents died and were injured in a horrific way.  Can I stop the madness?  Of course not.  All I can do is the next right thing.

Grace ~

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