Wednesday, June 1, 2016

from a distance

That is one of my all time favorite songs,  especially Bette Midler.  "God is watching us!"  I try really hard to remember that in my daily dealings with folks even the ones I'm outdone with.  Jesus doesn't like an eye for an eye and all that retribution so there you go.  Just do unto others and it's all good.  But that's easier said than done, ya know?  One small task that I find myself with at the sawmill requires visits to patient units for clerical checks.  I'm actually enjoying that patient interaction with the ones who are truly afraid of being sick.. As I struggled for composure this morning and slipped on big girl panties I found a notice from Daddy's funeral in the drawer and it had pics of he and Mama so they spent the rest of the day in blood bank with me.  The shock has worn off and the grief is appropriate.  As BabySister would say "But honeh, your motha' just died."  Her Mister passed shortly after that and she's on the road to a new home herself.  Annie calls now and then and it's a nice easy check in with bullet points: Lauren, Janie and the world.

Hoother Marie just touched base from somewhere on the interstate system of NashVegas to let me know she survived the Duck River in a kayak.  I knew that because I saw a phone pic of her sleeping in a hammock!  Our trip last week is still fresh and making me want to go back when funds allow.  Corporate is due to arrive this evening and I'm still not ready but presentable.  Bubba came by and we caught up on corporate America and our recent vacations.   As it turns out, the flying house may not be such a far fetched idea.  The way those thunderheads are building the house might just fly on it's own tonight!  So far it's just heavy rain but the day is young and there might be a rainbow out there.

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