Friday, June 17, 2016


Some of you might remember the story of the guy from group who took off in a stranger's truck from an undisclosed location not knowing there was a dog in the back seat.  I thought that was probably the best one ever until I heard his earlier history.  Dude supported his crack habit for years by posing as a Wally World employee, complete with stolen smock and rolling electronics out the door to be sold for his habit.  Lerd.  I guess if I didn't have a job I'd do most anything and I never pass judgement when people share because I've done some pretty stupid shit in my time.  We all have.  Mental health is a pressing social issue that has been outsourced and privatized to where there is very little continuity of care and a lot of it involves heavy emphasis on pharmaceuticals and not much attention to talk therapy.

I saw this embroidered piece one time that said " you gotta' wanna" and that rings true for most everything in life.  If the desire to do something differently isn't there, it will never happen.  No amount of bitching and moaning can make it be so.  That's where the big girl panties come in handy.  My 90 day plan is about three days in and I'm having fun with it.  Thanks for the inspiration Lorna.  Today's grace was about a different direction in healthcare.  

Keep coming back ~

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