Tuesday, June 7, 2016

daylilies and lightning bugs

Our June landscape is always dotted with orange groves of lilies for the couple of weeks that they last and it's a sight to behold.   Lightning bugs came out last week or so ago so it looks like we're headed straight to first day of summer.  The humidity is down and breeze up so it's right pleasant out at the moment.  Two of the three dogs stayed out while I was working and Sam just laid on my bed *resting* like an old dog.  He's probably ummm....9ish and my main man.  We are literally joined at the hip.

I had one of those aha moments today when I saw a guy's face and knew his last name immediately even though he's about 3rd generation Stanfield as in flowers out the wazoo.  And Christmas trees!  I've spent the grocery money there , at Pennington's and at Randy Burns place in Southtown on more than one occasion.  This year, I have not bought the first one.  Too much going on, ya know?

At this point last year we had begun the year long procession to Curry's beginning with Aunt Granny in early June who followed Ginner in January.  Then came Pnoler on Father's Day ( yeah, that sucked ) and on June 29th Daddy was admitted for what was to be his last trip from home.  He never got to go back to the farm.  I should have loaded his ornery ass up on his birthday and took him for a drive.  Woulda, coulda shoulda. Same thing for the Thanksgiving party at Mom's nursing home.  I was too tired to make the effort but BG and Kathy did just fine.  I remember on their 50th anniversary we had a party at Reelfoot and I ended up with a root canal that afternoon.  Missed that too!  I was there and present in the best way I could manage with what was being juggled.  Looking back, it is absurd that elders are transported to and from physician consults to move to the next place, whatever it is.  We believe that we will live forever, and some things medicine just can't fix.

Mama just gave up after Daddy died.  She grieved herself to death because had lived her entire life with and through him.   I ran into some old friends of theirs today and they brought that up to me.  Miss Delores sadly noted that there are only 7 of their original bunch left.  I remember all of them fondly for they had many good times with our family.  The McDivitt grandchildren are also a big part of our lives.  Rachel is my new most favorite writer in the whole world.  Addie and Jessie and Keller and Annie.  All the way back y'all.

BG starts a new job tomorrow and is upbeat.  Sunday is visit day and there's a pile in progress for the Jackson run.  My house is ( somewhat ) clean and the utility bill dropped a hundred bucks for the 3rd month in a row.  God is good....all the time.