Thursday, June 9, 2016

come together

My deer totems are coming around again and this morning a big one disappeared into the wheat as I passed by.  The grain is golden and almost ready. Meanwhile the corn keeps on keepin' on and it boggles my mind to think it was so little just a few weeks ago.  There are huge snakes, I feel sure.  That's why you won't see me out taking pictures in it.  To hell with that!  I had fried squash again last night but this evening will be shrimp and cheese grits.  I splurged at the gentral' on the way home from you-know-where.  It was a busy and productive day all around.

I did not vote for Obama the first time around....why, I can't remember.  Thank God a lot of people did and he spent 8 years as our POTUS.  The first four were sketchy at best what with all that corporate bailout and cleaning up the war zone.  Meanwhile, that shit still rages against not just against the west but any poor Pakistani girl who dares to piss off her elders by marrying for love.  The newest ISIS prisoner went over there to fight the holy war and got shafted big time.  They are fucking nuts y'all!  Leave it alone.  I still think about poor Daniel Pearl and all them.  Nobody listened then either.

As part of my purging I'm giving people things that they've liked around here over the years.  When I left today I stopped by the ER to drop off some old Linda Ronstadt vinyl to her biggest fan ever Kevin who is also known as Cupcake.  I didn't have the ambulance code so I had to press the button and ask somebody to let me in.  Some chick at the desk grabbed them and said she would pass it on.  I love these work peeps.  Each and every one of us there truly cares about good patient outcomes.  I would lay my life on the line for most any of them as they have for me and mine.  Another piece of history will go to Doreen my ICU angel.  She was there through both parents' illnesses giving me hugs and understanding.  All of them did on every SINGLE unit.  There's your quality care.

I haven't read the details but I'm assuming that Bernie will ride into the sunset do the right thing whatever that is.  He always has in my book.  I had to snicker at the mention of EW as a potential VP candidate for the Dem ticket because really?  She's way too progressive and valuable in the Senate.  This woman will.not.quit. on the finance industry and that's a good thing.  I will say this about all of that and set it free.  Benghazi was bad and HRC was in the wrong place at the wrong time with intel or else she was busy.  Shit happens, y'all.  There were intelligence warnings all over the place because our "war on terror" had fanned the flames of sectarian violence to the point that anybody with western ties was a target.  A US embassy is all that rolled into one.   Not sure about the email thing but I'm certain it's not near as bad as what Trump has done in his lifetime.  Whitewater.  Lewinsky.  ACORN.  Let's just lay it all on the table bitches.

Violence and hatred breed off of each other much like yeast and flour.  I choose to walk away and take a kinder gentler approach to the rest of my life.  And, you know.

Let it go ~

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