Sunday, June 12, 2016

bullet points

Pecan Lane
Two days of 12 hours sleep is an amazing thing, yet even at that I'm wore ass out.  I'm thinking it's got to be the heat.  And maybe hauling that huge ass hutch up the steps yesterday!  I got treated to fried crappie last night and I'm telling you it was a miracle like Jesus would do.  This from the same folks who raise chickens, ducks, a huge garden AND manage to help me out when I need something.

There are no words and the ones who are using this tragedy for political agendas are shameful people.  That includes YOU mainstream media.  The truth is quite simple.  This man was on an FBI watch list and had been questioned twice plus his idiot daddy was running for prez of Afghanistan on Facebook.  What could possibly go wrong there?   Dude's daddy said he got upset over seeing two men kiss in Miami so he just slaughtered a bunch of people.  These folks  They have nothing to lose and believe that Allah will be pleased.  How did he get the guns?  They are the antithesis to a loving God which includes the one of Islam.

Aspell Recovery
BG is living in a residential addiction treatment center in nearby Jackson and today she got permission to "get out of the house" so to speak.  We drove just a short distance to an organic grocery store where I could spend 1000 bucks in 15 minutes.  The irony is that eating healthy food is expensive and so we eat on the cheap and suffer the health consequences from taking in the preservatives and hormones and other toxins.  She chose this option herself because she was pretty much at the end of the road.  I let her go with God and she has never looked better.  We hugged ( a lot ) and visited with the front porch litter of kittens.  There were kids everywhere.  Family day, no?  And then she hooked me up with some stuffed shells for dinner.   The recovery community here is amazing.

It continues with each day and prayer for guidance.  Bubba planted the flag on Daddy's side of the stone today so he's good for the 4th and Father's day.  I noticed on the highway that the fireworks tents are popping up.  My gratitude is for simple joys and sometimes tough lessons.  An outright LMFAO is also good therapy.  Hey.  You gotta' laugh.

Peace ~

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