Tuesday, June 28, 2016


I was out and about at the gentral this morning when Lorna called and left a message that she's on an idea roll.  She and I are similar in many ways and we have saved the world ten times over by phone and message over the years.  Her son is a local businessman who is about to put a quite progressive business in place right smack in the corner of town where things are looking up.  That would be "down by the river" so to speak.  Coworking is all about space sharing, networking and dreaming with a purpose.  I'm in and so is she.

I ran into Tripp's pop pop at the gentral and he caught me up on all things Kimo.  She and her mother could sell a refrigerator to a polar bear, just saying.  Kimo slings pools for her Dad's family business and Kim works for the local paper.  Tripp is 8 and a baseball all star.  Kimowasi is one of the girls who has been a part of my kid group since day one.

Mamye is on the way over for a visit since I'm off for the day.  I love it when folks come here instead of me having to get out!  Another old friend is coming by later to pick up a stained glass piece he lusted after two years ago during the first big sale.  It's the only large piece I ever made and it's been in a lot of different homes over the years.  KY cousin helped me construct it in her building on a Newbern corner.  That's where Jimbo worked before her.

Being organized with a purpose is really about being free.  If your life stuff is in order and you keep moving forward God will take care of the rest.

Peace out ~

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