Saturday, June 4, 2016

building an ark

It just keeps on coming y'all.  Showers and monsoons and random little rumbles from the heavens telling us who is in charge.  Growing up on a farm I was acutely aware of how favorable weather conditions could make or break a crop.  This year has been exceptional in terms of heat and rainfall   and the corn is reaching upward accordingly.  Soon my friends, I will be hidden from view.  That's right around the time that the kudzu starts crossing the road.

Ryan does my yard and it has been a two year work in progress that I've enjoyed watching take shape.  His Daddy was one of my oldest buddies and sold me almost every appliance I ever purchased.  He's been gone now for over two years.  The last time I spent any quality time at the kudzu bar was at a BBQ benefit in his honor.  Gloria never let him stay very long like the other guys, but he loved every minute of hanging with them.  That sound you hear?  It's the slap of ivory dominoes on granite.

I'm glad I was at the beach during the gorilla escapade because geez.  Some people's kids!  I've known some pretty  dumb parents in my time but to think that inattention to your child long enough for said child to climb a fence happens?.  Don't get me started.  If you can't control them, don't take 'em out in public.  Same goes for the grocery store and dolla' gentral.  On the flip side, what are you gonna' do when some dumbass gets in a dangerous situation?   Tase him, or shoot him if he's young and black.

My moral outrage is about to come out full force over how ridiculously stupid sheeple can be, myself not excluded.  My parents raised me to believe that if you work hard, honor your family, God and country and use your talents, life will be good.  Their faith in God gave them that ability and they were faithful tithers to the end.  They were pillars in the community at church, work and as volunteers.  My father gave me the love of seasons, which is a true faith lesson.  "In the end there is beginning..."

Promise ~

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