Sunday, June 26, 2016

she who sleeps with dogs

Will find ticks in the oddest places.  I am constantly running my hands over skin and head just to be sure.  Today I  pulled one off my head.  They're all little bitty and don't bother us unless it comes a rain.  I should probably start using Seven dust for hairspray.  I'm sitting here in a rather reflective mood in wonder at how my mental state suffers without the opportunity to connect with others on my issues.  I's there I'm just always working.  I have visitors often now which is a good thing.  That has been the motivation to get the house clean.  BG will freakin' die when she sees how neat it is.  Well,,,,,,,not neat just yet.  But a helluva' lot better!!

I went to Gigi's ex-pool yesterday to visit with she and Gena.  Bear came by to check on us and it was obvious that she still has some unpacking to do but it looks like home.  A 30 minute soak in bleach never hurt anybody.  I didn't last long because I'm still not in shape for much sun and it was hot as hades.  My friend Bobby Dean was supposed to come by and I was about to go to bed when he showed up with a couple of friends so we shot the shit awhile.  Needless to say I was a bit sleepy at the sawmill today.  I heard a bunch of shooting so either there was a shootout with the law or those guys shot their guns in the driveway.  Yeah...after we hads THAT conversation.  Heh.

I have a prediction to make if Trump gets elected which is looking less and less possible by the day.  He will, of course, declare that we are separate as well and proceed to destroy what's left of our economy.  He will piss off China and Mexico royally and undo all diplomatic relational good that has been accomplished.  China will call in the debt and put the NOK army on us and there you go.  WWIII.   Meanwhile, a wall is being built which would serve to keep people from entering our country from the South.  If that's what you want to do, fine.  Start on X day and put an immigration process in place that is doable.  Leave alon ( please.dear.god.) all those who have fled the violence of those countries and found work as illegals raising families and slinging guacamole.  I mean that with all my heart.  It has been common practice forever to make it hard to become a citizen so you might as well just work on a visa and send your money back home.  It's ridiculous.  Europe is where the big immigration problem is and going all Brexit isn't going to help that.

I have come to believe that a power higher than myself will restore me to sanity if only I let it happen in God's time.

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