Friday, June 24, 2016


I reached out to a co-worker today for an EDO which means a mental health day.  Lord willing that will be tomorrow.  I did a different job today that requires a lot of patient contact and actually enjoyed it until my feet got tired from running for two hours. I know, I'm getting old!  Nothing like cross training to ensure job security.  Well, I can think of a few exceptions and my friend Liz is one of them.  Employee of the year is shopping for health insurance post job elimination.  The EMR has been a mandate for some time now and the old school method of waiting for doctors to come in and sign off on charts is over.  All of it is done electronically now, which isn't a bad thing at all.  Much more efficient. 

Lily is trolling a table and knocking shit off because I'm otherwise occupied and have only fed her twice since I got home.  Plus she's mad because BG is gone.  Surely we can manage a home visit soon.  If not she's liable to pull the blinds down.  She sleeps with the dogs on occasion now which is new.  I'll wander through and find one or three of them stretched out for a nap on Lauren's bed. 

My life coaches are staying in touch with positive vibes and that's always good to have the warriors in your posse.  I'm not real sure what the whole global economic crash is about so there's no opinion there except to say that Wall Street is the devil.  How many times do we bail these asshats out and allow the little people to lose everything they have invested?  I feel sure the royals will do right by Britain. 

BG and I talk in snippets as rules allow.  She is content with life yet seems restless for the next chapter.  Girl....I know the feeling.  I think part of my funk has been letting go of the familiar routine that was established while I still had responsibility for my parents.  It was chaotic and tiring and filled with moments that I will remember forever.  Like the time I ran over Daddy's foot at the funeral home.  UCMTSU.  Right Dewey?

My friends Rachel and Dycus floated the Forked Deer from Roellen down toward the farmer's market last weekend. It was opening day for the market and I remembered the time that John Ruskey came to show them the way and the trash lining our mighty little river.  He camped out in  my front yard following a practice run with Jim Stark.  That was before downtown Dyersburg was a thing, dontcha' know?  He told me Pecan Lane reminded him of France.  His cave got flooded this year which has never happened on that scale since he's been in the biz.  There are outposts now at Helena and other points along the Big Muddy.  Sounds like a movement to me.  His dugout canoe carried lots of locals along the water that serves our county. 

That's all for now.  Leaving room for the spirit to work.

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