Thursday, June 23, 2016


As days go, I didn't get nearly enough things marked off my list but I did have lunch with a lovely rep from Jackson's Lifeline Blood Services.  I got 40cents gas off at Bubba's plae and headed toward Tim Castellaw Ford/Toyota where I was lazily greeted by a 19 year old.  My situation is, as we all know, complicated and my attorney has made it clear that the trustee won't even listen to me unless there are numbers in front of him.  The end. Dealers don't like to deal with all this because it's a hassle but Liz says it happens all the time.  Therefore I felt not much obligation to tarry there and went straight to Deere law.  Now I understand.  My credit score is decent and I have a steady job.  What's the freakin' problem.  Of course the other shoe could drop just any day.

Brandi and I talked about Joe's coming retirement and how he and Patti got here from there which was Saudi Arabia at some royal hospital blood bank.  We shook our heads and brainstormed over the low donation totals at the Dyersburg Electric monthly drive.  What used to bring in over a hundred units has turned into 20.  Both of my parents served the local volunteer program for years and Daddy was the one who put the sign out every week plus gave 8 gallons of O neg..  I've attended a kazillion drives and donor banquets where those who took the time to give were honored by their hometown board. That's what's up y'all.

I also visited my friendly ATT rep who gave me the numbe for modem replacement.  Fo free!  It was only 6 months old.  As for the Dell we shall haul it to Chris and let them salvage the hard drive.  Maybe.  There's always Picasa and Facebook.  Keeping on the sunny side bitches.  Lorna and I talked at length about another to do list that I have posted for daily view.  Plus Didi turned me onto a daily meditation app from Hazelden.  I'm scared in many ways, but not nearly in the same way as before.  Now I turn to God and reach out to others when the pain gets to be too much.  I am carefully considering my options which are become more plentifulwhich is always a good thing.  I'm thinking today's message may be just that!

Don't stop believing ~ Steve Perry

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