Thursday, June 16, 2016


My friend Vicki of Michigan, North Carolina and many other places used to be in a book club.  She shared pictures of everybody when they got together and it was always an event involving food and whatnot I feel sure.  The BCMA part is really "book club my ass" because they did discuss a book but it was mostly carousing of the great friend type if I know her.  We have never met yet we were a part of the team that also included Tisha to get Old Hoss around to meet his favorites.  And there are stories there, you know?

Delores shared a book with me on the ride to Jackson last week and had the part marked that she wanted to share.  It is a sermon delivered by the local Methodist minister in a small Minnesota town whose daughter has just been murdered.  I'm now reading the history of what led to that sermon on grace.  Ordinary Grace.  Not to be confused with Grace is Gone starring my liberal hot stuff famous boyfriend.  See?  I can make stuff up at the drop of a hat!  I ran into the parents of a co-worker and Mr.G is of the UMC still preaching.  They are precious people and Deb is a good PK.  Looks just like her mama.  BG told me recently that I'm looking more and more like Janice which is cool because she died pretty.

Another plane was found in the ocean weeks after an unexplained crash.  Think about the sheer magnitude of a recovery effort like that.  Meanwhile, Rome burns.  I am proud as a peacock over that filibuster and feel sure that the GOP is not ENTIRELY stupid because they're backing off of Trump.   At this point the Bernie v Hillary thing is looking more interesting by the day.   All the time I was sitting there thinking "omg we're screwed" Lorna's prediction came to a finale.  They are eating each other alive.

I can't remember when my life became unmanageable.  I mean, I'm an enabler from hell when my people are hurting and can't find their way out of the pain.  When I realized that their pain isn't mine to carry, life became a lot less stressful.  I've always known that there is a higher power watching over me....the problem is that I wouldn't turn it over.  Girl.  I'm too tired to do anything else.

BTW.  If anybody feels all humanitarian like, my friend in Tiptonville is buying Mom's refrigerator and we need to arrange transport.  She drives a Ford Escape so that's out of the question.  Her struggles are real and I hear the frustration in her voice when yet another hiccup happens.  She and others like Carol and Gay have been life coaches for me in the holistic areas of life.  We're plotting a little getaway to the salt caves of NashVegas over Labor day weekend...Heather and me and Lauren.  At least that's the dream.........

Powerless ~

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  1. Wow that brought back memories. All those names.