Tuesday, June 14, 2016

dust in the wind

Well friends, the wheat cutting has begun downstream and it's a sight to behold.  I used to chase around with a badass Leica catching them in action but now I just use my phone.  I left the good one out in the rain one night last year and it hasn't worked since.  *sniff*  It was a gift to me from the guy who eventually gave us a freaking CAR to take mom and daddy to church in style.  It sits parked under the pine tree out front driverless and with radiator problems.  Plus the court owns it.

We had a post work staff meeting  so I had a couple of hours to kill and I went to downtown D'burg to see some folks.  It was very hot and I wasn't real thrilled not to be at home under the AC but I soldiered on through just about every office in the courthouse until I found what I needed.  I recognized the judge and clerk and master but other than that I was at the mercy of folks who didn't know me from Adam.  Luckily this sweet thang named Pam took it upon herself to call in a favor phone a friend who had the number we needed.  Thank you Dyer County government!  We almost never have high profile trials up in there and the last I attended was when my friend's son was charged with second degree murder.  It was standing room only, just saying.  But that?  Is history.

After that I cruised through Fairview to visit the grands and lo and behold it's been newly paved!!   Daddy's mini flag was waving in what little breeze there was.  There is no grass over their graves yet which means it hasn't been a full growing season since their passing.  Sometimes I would give anything to hear their voices again.  "Hey Jane!" Daddy would say.  Not much on words except when it came to sports and gardening, we found our happy place the year he gave up picking pecans in their yard and watched me do it until he got bored with it.  Then it was back to the TV.  Picking up pecans is pretty cold business considering the hard freezes around here don't come until December usually.

Kindness matters ~

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