Wednesday, June 15, 2016

'gators and ammo

As I type there is a DNC backed filibuster unfolding on the issue of gun control.  Most of us feel that firearms should be purchased, tracked and used appropriately for hunting and or sport.  Assault "type" weapons do not fit into that category unless you're crazy as bat shit and want to go out with a bang.  This man whose name escapes me not only called his friend but touched base with CNN so after he was dead there would be a media trail.  That's one sick mother of a narcissist.  Meanwhile all those people he murdered cowered together in fear making their own final phone calls to loved ones.  Just like on planes and from the World Trade Center and every other time terrorism became a thing.  Back in the day the killing was mostly over land rights and whatnot but this shit is absurd.  It's like people have snapped and said to hell with it and then the laws allow them to plot a killing spree and buy the supplies legally.

The way I see this latest event is that it is no more about LGBT targeting than Sandy Hook was about first graders.  Both attacks and the many others before and after, were random acts of violence in places where people felt safe.  When my daughter was at Dyersburg  State there was actually a hostage situation there which was before the Paducah shooting I think.  That was the beginning of a long string of tragedy involving stupid high school kids with gun totin' parents.  I don't care if you deer hunt, or shoot ducks or squirrels or whatever you like to eat.  To shoot for pure sport is just wrong.  Remember the rich dentist and the elephant?  Um. Yea.

My cousin is an honorable judge in Gibson county and a staunch UMC member like myself.  His sense of social justice is strong and he has these troll friends who come out of the woodwork wanting to argue over gun control.  Usually I ignore or unfollow but yesterday I took the bait and this dude was all over me in seconds flat.  Live and learn girl.  Live and learn.  So it looks like Disney is about to lost major money over  something that is an occupational hazard for them.  Having recently returned from the beach I can tell you that I didn't see any alligators at all but I wasn't on a lagoon.  The rules where I stayed were simple which meant beach patrol by day and on your own after 5.   The beach was well kept and clear of all chairs, umbrellas and trash and was scraped each morning.  My friend Mitzi went the week after when the storm blew through and she actually saw a surfer get killed when he hit a pier.  There were four that day.

All I can figure is that it's Big Ernie's way of scaring people into voting Rick Scott out of the governor's office.  This man has made millions drug testing the work force that gets paid minimum wage.  And corporate wonders why folks "don't want to work."  Half of BG's jobs have been at that level and it ain't pretty.   The gentrals' and big box folks have us all figured out.  We just want something convenient on the way home from, you guessed it.  Work!

My dream job would be a reasonable wage with reasonable working conditions for a 60 year old and enough time to pursue another career to ease into for retirement.  I'm not sure there is such a thing but I'll die trying to find it.

Peace out ~

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