Monday, June 13, 2016

walk this way

I was doing my official duties at the sawmill today and ran into a friend whose Mama is dying but doesn't qualify for in-house hospice coverage because, um.  I'm not sure.  What blows my mind about the whole end of life care thing is that by the time everybody gets on the same page and makes a decision, the rules change.  Hospital stays are pretty firm at 3 midnights per medicare unless there are complications.  That's when the transfer process begins where the elderly are shuffled from hospital to "rehab" to assisted living and back to the hospital for another round.  It's absurd and it's an industry that will care for you and me and all the other baby boomers out there.  I'm not worried though.  I've been paying forward before it was even a thing in the fast food line.  My hero, if there is one during my career, is a daring and caring physician who always puts things in God's hands and does his best.   I can't say that for a lot of them, by the way.  He cared for my mother enough to tell her that intervention was futile and the wheels started turning.  We were in the same SS class for years and his Lutheran self was all about the Bible study.  This man prays with the patient every time he performs a procedure.  It's a ministry that is sorely needed in today's healthcare landscape.  High five Jimbo.  You da' man.

BG and I had a ball driving a block down the street in the hundred degree weather and just sitting in the car chilling. Downtown Jackson on Sunday afternoon is a pretty calming situation even with the one way traffic thing.  I was once upon a time a delegate to the UMC Annual conference at the civic center.  This was right around the time Methodist Healthcare was all that and gay people were jumping from balconies at General.  And I was not amused.  My friend Donna Locke drove me back from the opening worship service and I think about that night every time I make the trip.  It is through her and many other faithful ones that I learned to believe in a power greater than myself.

The ( not so ) trusty Camry is still running but I'm looking for something road worthy.  Time to shop, bitch. Get a carfax and an affordable payment because you gotta' have wheels.  My lunch break today was spent at Kroger purchasing things like Murphy's oil soap and artisan bread.  Plus some Nutella.  It's amazing how much easier a day at the sawmill goes when you just get out of the chaos for a bit.   Wendy's has a killer one dolla' burger with cheese and water is free.

So, I was talking to Lorna a few minutes ago and lightning struck their trailer while we were chatting.  Everybody's okay but dayum...I could hear the aluminum pop!  She and the kids are okay so there's that to be thankful for.  It's so freakin' hot right now that anything is possible.  The more I reach out to others, the more peaceful I find myself to be.

That's what's up ~

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