Wednesday, June 8, 2016

talk to the hand

Following California's showing, the entire DNC has decided that Bernie is a non-contender and should just crowd share his support with Hillary.  I'm not saying that won't happen eventually, but it's far from over.  He lost by only a few percentage points.   However, we all know that doesn't mean squat because "superdelegates".  It's not even close to over yet kids.  I know you Dems mean well but there are enough of us who need to ponder on this a bit longer.  At least give us that instead of saying that being a BernieBro is like voting for Trump.  Let it play out.  Half the enjoyment is watching the whole historic thing unfold.

I went down to check out the neighbors' garden yesterday afternoon and found it to be looking all nuclear powered and green as can be with crops already bearing.  Me and Beverly and the 3 kids bent and picked and inspected a whole bunch of things.  I even saw a couple of green tomatoes!  Mia said they've already had some fried ones.  We filled me a basket and then headed back up to the yard where the ducks were pitched OUT of the wading pool and proceeded to quack amongst the chickens who are here there and  yonder.  The dogs chased them and it was a hoot.  After that, I fried up some yellow squash and fresh green onions and ate them hot out of the oil, just like my mama used to make.

Heather got me started on the natural soap thing while we were at the beach and I've become an avid fan.  Today's interesting convo was with a gal who suffers from debilitating fibromyalgia and thyroid dysfunction and she advised me on some herbals to help with yeast overgrowth which is a common culprit in chronic disease.  She can eat nothing but fruit, veggies and meat and takes a lot of natural kinds of things like probiotics and whatnot.  I've got a bottle that's been sitting dormant forever so it's time to get something new and give it a shot.  Inflammatory response by the body to stress can trigger symptoms as well.  And I mean I've had a bit of it you think?  No Lyrica.  Treat the problem instead of medicating it to make some pharmabro richer.  I saw two different drug reps wheeling in lunch and or free samples in my vicinity today.  It's disgusting.

Bubba came by with Sally yesterday to show me the marker Harvey bought for Daddy's grave and it's lovely.  It holds an American flag and is ready to plant as soon as our schedules allow.  He also shared that they house will probably move and that the tree guy is on a mission to clear out the tree line across the lane to improve the view.  This is so awesome that I can't even find words for it.  Who gets blessed enough to not only grow up on a piece of paradise like this, but to have it owned by someone who loves history and preservation.  We do, as it turns out.

As Joe the Camel says, it's hump day!  

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