Thursday, June 30, 2016


So, today was another good one in that there was no ISIS attack but there was the news about that crazy gun nut mom who didn't like for her little girls to sleep around with black guys.  So she murdered both of them while her husband tried to save them.  Sadly, it's not just in Texas that this happens. HOWEVER  their gun laws make it a bit more possible.  Just saying.

Here in the great state of Tennessee we are denying healthcare coverage to hundred of thousands because the Republicans won't accept Medicaid.  As a healthcare provider, I can tell you that's why so many hospitals are closing.  Healthcare is the number one industry in our state with many giants headquartered at NashVegas.  For the leaders of our state to be so short sighted in the light of our poverty level is absurd.  

We have more washer problems *sigh* but Kevin is on it and I have a couple of new towels from the gentral because everything here is dirty and in the floor.  Right now the only sound is of Lily the bitchcat lapping up water.  I think they all got sick after they munched on that rabbit.  

The brief cool spell was awesome and I noticed Mia out on the four wheeler when I got home.  It's like living in Mayberry man!!  The tiger lilies are in full bloom which reminds me of when we took Nelson, me and Annie Laura, to the home in Lake county for his Alzheimer's.  Long widowed and large in stature, he's the one who tended the BBQ pits out back on previous Independence day celebrations.  His wife Margaret babysat for us back in the day and made the most to die for chocolate pie.  

Seeing as how I'm getting all holistic, I ordered a natural relaxant containing valerian root and I like it.  My right knee normally hurts all night with turning and that didn't happen last night.  New shoes would probably solve the whole thing.  She who is 60 years old wearing year old Nikes will suffer mightily.  

Holla back.  

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  1. Janie, do you drink Pepsi? They have started using Aspartame as a sweetener again. Aspartame has calmed my shoulder pain so that it doesn't wake me up in the middle of the night anymore.
    Just saying, it might not be the valerian root. Check it out.
    The lady who killed her daughter's lived about a three quarter mile from us. She was a Second Ammendment nut but couldn't get a permit to carry. She had police and other records, three times before she had tried suicide and also had severe mental issues.
    The daughter's fiancé had a Hispanic name, we don't know his race. Seems too, that this is another instance of shooting to kill instead of disabling. We haven't heard any static on that.