Monday, June 6, 2016

this and that

Thank you sweet baby jeebus for a lovely weekend at the sawmill and a day off.  I've had quite a few visitors at the house lately which is nice because I do so hate to get out.  I think it's called agoraphobia or something.  Mostly I'm just lazy and enjoy piddling and not being on a schedule.  My piles are getting closer to organized and the purge continues.  Sale part II will commence later this summer whenever we get around to it.  I ran into my picker friend at the chicken store and he said to holla'.  He used to hang out there as a teenager along with a bunch of other guys.  It was during Bonanza time and they called my little brother Hop Sing and made him go get stuff.

I was all snuggled in to sleep late and the yard crew showed up at 8 so there you go.  There were three this time and it looks better with each trip.  I'm glad to have that connection  Ryan!  The one thing that has survived in my rotten straw bale is a lettuce plant and it surprised me by getting tall overnight.  I've never grown that type of thing.  Beverly has it plus a whole bunch more stuff and is slaving daily over it.  Mamye and Steve came by yesterday and he gave me the stainless steel peace sign I've been lusting after.  Took it right off his neck and put it on mine!  We talked about everybody we know and some that we don't know too well and it was good to share those memories.

My life coach has informed me that Benadryl is thought to cause early onset dementia which makes me really glad I don't use it much.  We're plotting to get me off the other pharmaceuticals slowly but surely and there aren't many.  The happy pill is the big one and involves careful withdrawal even though it's just an SRUI.  Those things are good for short term but wicked in the long run.  I've ordered two stained glass garden pieces from a blog friend and some handmade vegan soap.  Tell me I'm not serious about detox!

I noticed that Florida looks kind of wet for the next day or so so I'm glad we got our trip in when we did.  A third storm this early is supposed to be a "thing" in weather talk.  Mitzi is there so I'm hoping they dodge the worst of it in Destin.  Those folks need a good vacation as bad as I did!  They like go go go and shop so rain won't stop them.

It works if you work it ~

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